About the Author

The inspiration to write this magical tale came from inside a dainty porcelain bowl with a lid. When the author was 10 years old, she purchased the little bowl for a nickle at a white elephant sale. It reminds her of the sense of wonder that brings sparkle to a child’s eyes and can somehow, sometimes get lost on the path to adulthood.

Author Karla Hansen holds a BS in education from Iowa State University and a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Iowa. She is a licensed therapist at the Peace of Mind office in Clive, Iowa. Focusing on the ‘health’ in mental health, she guides individuals and families as they rediscover their own well being. Karla weaves together creativity and fun to conceptualize Universal Mind, Thought, and Consciousness as the wisdom behind our moment to moment experience of life.

Her previous projects include video production of I Love My Child…but I need Help for The Family Support Network in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2010 she produced the documentary Silent Screams featured in the New York City Peace Film Festival shining a spotlight on the children who are impacted in war torn regions around the globe. She served as secretary of the Iowa Peacemakers Monument, Inc., a non profit organization instrumental in the 2015 restoration of the Peace Garden in Cowles Commons located in Des Moines, Iowa.

She lives in central Iowa near her two adult children. The Shimmering Secret was made possible with their talents and love. Heather, a graphic designer, created the winsome layout of the book. And, David, a computer engineer, skillfully transformed his mom’s ideas into a website.

Karla frequently shares a personal perspective of the 3 Principles and how it has impacted her experience with advanced cancer. The peace and wisdom of innate health continue to bring abundant joy to her journey.