The Shimmering Secret has been analyzed for sixth graders to read independently. For all ages below sixth grade it can be used as a Read Aloud book. For younger children the book can be divided into three parts of approximately 10 minutes each. Here are the suggested stopping points for shorter attention spans.

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 3.50.34 PM.png

Begin with the introduction page: THIS IS A STORY ABOUT A LITTLE GIRL NAMED HU MEI and read to the end of the page with the illustration of Hu Mei holding the butterfly and crying into her hands.

The middle section starts with the full page illustration of Hu Mei and Mother kneeling in front of the fireplace and ends with the illustration of Hu Mei, Mother and Wang Fu walking to the village.

The final section begins with the illustration of Hu Mei, her family and Wang Fu kneeling around the table drinking tea and continues to The End.