To the grown ups who read this story for the first time,

Perhaps, when you finished, you began to think seriously about the magical transformations of certain characters in this book. I expect you might have some questions about what exactly is this Shimmering Secret! The secret is actually quite simple. The easiest way to understand it is to imagine your own reverse metamorphosis and go back to the child inside each of us.

Have you ever had the opportunity to sit quietly and observe a newborn baby? Maybe, you noticed what I call a universal truth about these tiny humans, the spiritual essence of how all of us begin life. Tony Wilson, in his book You Are Enough, provides insight into the nature of this understanding “Once a newborn is dry, fed and has had a nap, the baby instinctively becomes content, peaceful, calm, satisfied, secure, and happy. No instructions needed; no classes to attend. This is how we are hardwired from the start. Since this is typical with healthy newborns, this must be our default state prior to social conditioning.”1

I believe a good fairy tale is ageless and timeless. Much like moonlight on water, Shimmering appears in the title because it embodies the fluid, ever changing nature of life. The Secret becomes clear only when we are ready for it and then we start seeing it everywhere! For example, we might unfold a Chinese fortune cookie and for the first time the message holds a much deeper meaning for us: With our thoughts we create our world.

The late Sydney Banks, first articulated the contemporary global understanding of how we each experience life here on earth via Three Principles. This unpretentious man, from humble beginnings had a profound spiritual experience revealing “three, long lost, divine principles that are the foundation of all human experience.”2 The Shimmering Secret attempts to deliver in story and illustrations a small glimpse into the nature and power of these formless and spiritual principles referred to as Mind, Thought and Consciousness.

You are invited to explore the resources below as a guide to understanding the Three Principles. If you know children who are past the age of fairy tales (although some of us never outgrow that stage), I wholeheartedly recommend The Spark Inside, A Special Book for Youth by Ami Chen Mills-Naim. In my profession as a therapist, it is my first go-to book for adolescents and their parents. The reader is masterfully led toward their own wisdom and innate health. Summing up the profound nature of this understanding the author states: “What Does It All Mean? Knowing that Thought and Consciousness are the creators of your own experience is powerful, powerful knowledge. This knowledge is the difference between being a victim of your thoughts and being the master of your thoughts.”3

The Shimmering Secret may provide a springboard to further discussions. If so, links to Principles-based activities and Read Aloud strategies are provided to get you started. However, remember that your own connection to the children is more meaningful than any 'suggested' or 'dictated' methods of sharing the nature of thoughts and feelings. When we relax and feel comfortable in the present moment, the default nature of joy, curiosity and love returns -- we find our own best words and ideas.

Remember, each of us come pre-packaged to access the wisdom to sail through adversity, confusion, and the every day experiences of 'making mountains out of mole hills'. When we find our own way back to that understanding, children will hear your message and feel your peace. Or, it might just happen the other way around with the children guiding us back to our inner wisdom!

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