What readers have said about The Shimmering Secret!


"This is a delightful book. The message, the illustrations, the captivating story will lead youngsters of all ages to the secret that lies within each and every person. This should be required reading in all elementary schools, it reveals knowledge that would translate into peace on earth if enough people SEE it."

Lori Carpenos - LMFT "It's an Inside-Out World" author and "Healthy Thinking, Feeling, Doing From the Inside Out" coauthor.

Review on ACEs Connection Network

"I am so proud of Karla Hansen for producing this beautiful book that addresses bullying, the roots of bullying, and what's inside of every child. I have to confess that I am biased, as I helped her to edit this book... and yet I do feel it is one of the most beautiful and professionally done children's books in the principles world. The illustrations are gorgeous and the writing is fantastic. A wonderful gift.

The Shimmering Secret shines with the light of author Karla Hansen’s generous heart, gorgeous writing and vibrant, full-color illustrations. This book’s message for children of nearly any age is one of discovering the innocence in everyone; and that each child possesses a core of goodness beyond measure. With careful research into the Chinese culture and language of the time, Hansen shares a cross-cultural story of hope and transformation that radiates beauty all along the way. Get this book for a child you love, or a child that needs love.”

Ami Chen Mills-Naim, mother of two, author of The Spark Inside and State of Mind in the Classroom, and founder of Ami Chen Coaching and Education

“In a time of much violence and unrest, The Shimmering Secret comes along to provide a message of hope and to remind us of the "secret" to a life of Happiness and Joy. It contains a basic truth that, once realized, can lead to hope, forgiveness, joy, and transformation. The Shimmering Secret is simple but profound!”

- Tony Wilson, educator, facilitator, coach, and author of the book, You Are Enough

I just finished reading The Shimmering Secret! I so love it--especially how you handled Wang Fu's transformation, how you helped the reader step into his fears that his parents would never come back and he would be left all alone--the part where it felt like a big storm growing inside of his head when he thought about those things. I think readers of every age can identify with storms growing inside of them that seem out of control. And I love "True beauty and joy can never be destroyed, for they are always there inside you," and Grandmother's explanation. I also love it that Hu Mei's grandmother and Wang Fu's grandmother were friends and grew up drinking tea together.

Karla, congratulations. You have given more life to the Three Principles.

- Julie Powell-Mohr, Retired Language Arts Teacher.


"I read The Shimmering Secret to my five-year-old before bed one night.  She was glued to every page, examining the beautiful artwork and engaged completely in the story.  We finished the book and she begged for me to read it again.  It has become a daily read in our household ever since!"

- Danny Beyer - Connector, Speaker, Author of The Ties that Bind:  Networking with Style.

"First of all, I love it!!!!!!!!!

I like the message you’re trying to send and the way you are portraying it. Changing the font size in certain place in text is helping keep the reader’s attention, that’s a good thing because the people you’re trying to reach don’t have a very long attention spans but the font keeps them alert. The only thing I feel like you should tell more about Hu Mei herself (her personality ect.) in the beginning so that the readers can feel like they know her and they are in the story with following along with her through her adventures and experiences. Also the pictures are amazing! Good work Ron Wagner! Next I like the story the grandma told was very wise and I like how you stated the message/purpose right there in the big font which is a good decision if it works and I think it worked. Lastly I would like to tell you what I learned from the story; I learned that we would always be happy if we didn’t think of thoughts that create the “emotions” of fear, anger, and sadness."

- Hamida, 10 years old

Mother from Windsor Heights: "After reading The Shimmering Secret to my 7 year old son, not only did he love the story and illustrations, it prompted him to ask questions about bullying. It was a great jumping off point to have the conversation about being kind to others."